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♥ Saturday, December 19, 2009

today went to church
Listen to hokkien things
After that I have buffet with my teacher(tuition t'cher)
That hokkien class got a lot of aunties
And seniors
But had no choice
Went to martin's organ n piano lesson
count as organ larr
After that went to give out things to the needies with teenagers
They had just came back from their camp
Hopefully I can go camp next year

Boy , I Love You <3
2:58 AM

♥ Monday, December 7, 2009

long time neva post
This blog isn't much success though
The past blog post is all 'bout photos
'Bout my brother gettin 3 1st in storytelling, n many more
Then there are my counsin's videos taken by mom when he comes to stay in s'pore
Holidays now here but after the holidays,
we are goin seperate schools
JYs all
Don't forgett me can le
N I won'tt forget you all too

Boy , I Love You <3
4:46 AM

♥ Thursday, November 19, 2009

Boy , I Love You <3
2:36 AM

♥ Saturday, November 14, 2009

Brownie and xiao bai

Joey and Charlie together

My phone's menu

Me and my brother

My favourite toy, charlie.. I think follow me for 10 years liao lors..

One of the birthday presents you guys gift me. Cute huh?

Me and Wyne!

My new phone's wall paper

The bear very cham.. I pluck them out..

The winnie potrait!!

Photo inside my phone

Yummy! Mom cook it!

Don't like the veggie.. But like the fishcakes around it

Dao gua fried with potatoes

Favourite corn inside

White carrot, chicken soup

Boy , I Love You <3
11:11 PM

♥ Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Went excursion today
The day before also
Yesterday went to serangoon garden secondary school
Today went to singapore river
Took some photos there
Is the post right below this post
You all can go see
Have a nice day
I don't really post much
Thanks for taggin

Boy , I Love You <3
11:54 PM

Boy , I Love You <3
10:58 PM